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These are some of my recent publications. I would be delighted to get your comments.

Scanning the Options for a Structural Reform of the EU Emissions Trading System
Taking decisive steps towards a reform of the EU Emissions System is a key element in the 2030 Climate and Energy Framework adopted by the European Council in October 2014. This paper aims at supporting the efforts for a reform of the EU ETS by putting the main reform proposals suggested so far into a coherent framework.
Will anybody dare resuscitating the EU ETS?
After ten years in operation, evidence is mounting that the EU ETS will need a major overhaul in order to deliver what has been packaged in the fondling phrase 'a cornerstone of the European Union's policy to combat climate change and its key tool for reducing industrial greenhouse gas emissions costeffectively'.
Deepening the scope of the 'economic model': Functionalities, structures, mechanisms, and institutions.
By responding to the warning voices about the failure of mainstream economics to provide policy advice to seemingly well-known problems as manifest in the ongoing economic crises, we put forward the proposition that the majority of deficiencies in this discipline results from self-imposed restrictions.

Energy Policy

Breakdowns and breakthroughs in our energy systems

The dramatic fall of the price for crude oil is just one indicator for the breakdown of an energy system as it used to be. Simulataneously there is emerging evidence of technological and institutional breakthroughs that point to new energy structures which will be characterized by a multiplication of energy productivity and a radical switch to renewables.

Climate Policy

What can we expect from the Paris Agreement?

The outcome of the Paris Climate Conference in December 2015 is widely hailed as a landmark for a new global effort to battle climate change. After the media hype around this event has settled there is an unfolding debate about the content of this agreement concerning the validity of targets and committments.

New Economic Thinking

The Economic Crisis and the Crisis of Economics

"What went wrong with economics" asked The Economist (2009) in view of the unfolding economic crisis and illustrated the presented evidence by a book that melts away like a block of ice and carries the title "Modern Economic Theory".